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All celebrations call for drinks and a toast – and that rings super true for festivals like Christmas. In such times, all our close ones come together, get cozy, share greetings and enjoy some quality time. And what could be more pleasant to level-up such an experience than fantastic drinks?

Speaking of drinks, adding a sweet one to your list of recipes would be the cherry on top. And if you’re interested in that too, then Kremas is exactly what you need. Its sweet and alcoholic content makes it the perfect partner for such celebrations.

And if you’re looking to buy the best Haitian Kremas, then Saveurs Lakay is your go-to. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you’re not familiar with Kremas yet, here’s a little something to help you understand better:

What Is Kremas

Kremas – also known as Cremas or Cremasse – is a Haitian alcoholic drink. It comes with a sweet taste and a distinctly thick and creamy texture. Similar to a milkshake. The Haitian Cremas recipe isn’t very complicated, and it mostly has simple ingredients.

That said, people have their distinct ways of making it. You can also decide how you want to make Haitian Cremas drink for yourself. The sweetness comes from adding condensed milk, and the coconut cream does the
thickening. Rum is used to add the alcoholic kick. While these are the main ingredients of Cremas, other spices like nutmeg and cinnamon are also added to the Haitian Cremas recipe to get extra flavors.

It tends to have a beige color, but the color can be a little off depending on the type of rum used. The Cremas drink may seem too sweet to some but adding some ice makes the drink a perfect balance. But if you’re a person with a sweet tooth, feel free to dig in without any ice.

It’s usually served with desserts like pastry at Christmas parties. However, it also comes with an intense taste, so you can enjoy it independently as well. So if you’re one of those people who like to grab a drink after returning from work, you might want to give this a shot.

Where To Buy Kremas Online

Because it’s an original Haitian beverage, you might not find it at all local stores, or you probably won’t find the authentic one. But Saveurs Lakay has you covered.

They’re determined to deliver the beautiful Haitian culture and traditions to you through their popular holiday drink. They come with excellent customer care, commitment, and professionalism.

The Saveurs Lakay has more than just regular Kremas. They’re also famous for their Kremas Kafe – which has real coffee & Ginger Kremas packed with natural ginger ingredients.

The fact that Kremas from Saveurs Lakay contain natural ingredients sets them apart from all other drinks. What’s more, they strictly follow standards when manufacturing these to ensure everyone enjoys them to the fullest.

Now you can get their Haitian Cremas all-year-round. Just place your order on the website here at www.saveurslakay.com, and the drinks will be sent directly to your doorsteps – anywhere in the USA. You can get delivery of the Haitian Kremas in Miami too.

Saveurs Lakay is more than just a brand. It’s made with care, love, and passion. The enthusiasm and professionalism in employees are proof of that.

The three best qualities of the brand are:

  • Professional packaging
  • Excellent composition
  • Constant availability

The Haitian Kremas is a combination of all the fantastic qualities and top-notch taste. Which made their popularity go through the roof. Who could resist such convenience and fine taste?

Reason It’s Considered The Best

Besides the irresistible taste, the mouth-watering creamy texture, and the rum’s perfection – there’s more to the Saveurs Lakay. Let’s take a look at why theirs is the best:

  • Fast Expedited Shipping

Saveurs Lakay uses just the USPS Priority Shipping for delivering, and with this shipping, you get your favorite Haitian Kremas within 1-3 weekdays. You can also track your order using USPS Tracking.

  • More Than 10 Years in the Business

The homesickness of an individual student started it all. Although it was not initially intended to be sold. But the exquisite taste and texture made everyone come back for more and more, and that’s when they decided to market it.

The superfine packaging, a delicious blend of flavors, and of course, the year-long access to the drink has made it possible for them to survive ten years in the industry. Not to mention the super-responsive customer care and a carefully crafted, user-friendly website.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

The taste of Saveurs Lakay Kremas hasn’t reduced a bit. Again, thanks to all the 100% natural ingredients used in the Haitian Cremas. All of the Saveurs Lakay drinks are made with creamed coconut, rum, sweeteners like condensed milk, cinnamon, lemon, etc.

Saveurs Lakay means “Flavor from home.” And the recipe itself proves that they kept the meaning intact.

  • Available All Year Long

The appetizing taste made the drink desirable even outside the holiday season. And Saveurs Lakay didn’t disappoint the consumers. The Haitian Kremas is now available to order – whenever you feel like taking a sip – all-year-long at www.saveurslakay.com.

  • Member Discount

The best thing about the Saveurs Lakay is, they’re very welcoming and generous. There are two discounts available for both the new and old buyers. You can get the Haitian Kremas for sale too!

If you’re a regular client, are familiar with the heavenly taste of the Haitian Cremas drink, and often spend hundreds of your hard-earned money on them, they have just the perfect offer for you. To make things better, they offer one 5oz bottle completely FREE for all orders over $100! That’s a lot of value for the money.

On top of that, if you’re new to Cremas Haiti and not sure if you want to spend on the drinks, they have an amazing deal – you’ll get 2 Kremas samples completely FREE as a first shot. All you need to do is click here, fill out the form, pay the shipping, and you can enjoy your free Cremas Haiti!

  • 5000 Clients Are Raving About The Taste

Saveurs Lakay made its name by serving 5000 clients and delivering the excellent taste of Cremas drink to them. All 5000 clients loved their drinks and praised them highly. It’s their sheer quality that skyrocketed them to the top.

“Customer service is top notch. Packaging is beautiful and the taste is finger-licking good. You won’t regret a penny in your money, it is so worth every dime.”
– Lynn Gedeon

A valuable consumer dropped heart-warming feedback of the Cremas Haiti.
CEO of Eshopam Haiti is also a consumer and showed love to the Saveurs Lakay’s Kremas –

“Very fine and tasty, this is by far the best Kremas I’ve ever had and
believe me I am Kremas lover.”

Last Words

If you’re fond of quality drinks, there’s no way around trying these Kremas. You can get your free sample here. Pour yourself some and then decide whether it’s worth the money or not. No risk, no commitments, no pressure.

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