I saved someone’s life with a bottle of Rhum!

Did you know lack of medical supplies can take away the life of someone who simply wanted to live? How many members of your family had to step out and bring their own medical supplies because the hospital couldn’t provide something like a pack of IV? This is why I am here today. 

During my 5 year journey as a medical doctor in Haiti, I don’t know how many sleepless nights I had because I couldn’t save someone life because of lack of supplies or I had to be very creative such as using my own clothes to save a life due to the lack of medical supplies at the hospital. 

As a doctor, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to help

someone or even save a life because of the absence of basic hospital supplies. I remember one scenario in August 2014, while helping on a case in ER, we were able to stop bleeding and save a life of a young man by using a bottle of  “5 Stars Barbancourt”. Where do you hear that kind of stuff? A bottle of Barbancourt.

As a passionate medical doctor from Haiti and Owner at Saveurs Lakay, I saw and continue to see the need to help our hospitals as much as possible because I experienced first hand not having basic materials such as gauze, Rubbing alcohol, gloves and more. I, most of the time had to carry my own kits just in case. This is why, as a Gold Sponsor of the T-vice Livestream party on May 23rd, I am inviting all of you to tune in, party, and have fun but mostly donate to a good cause.

I had the opportunity to work with some of the doctors at the hospital of Fermathe, which is the hospital getting the proceeds of the show. This is the only way we can rebuild our nation.

Thank you T-vice and Dream Promo and all other partners for steping forward and doing this. This is a model that we need to follow for the entire country.

“L’union Fait La Force”. Unity is definitely our strength.

– Dr Isranette E. Dessables

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